Fire Damage

The Hidden Dangers of Smoke and Fire Damage

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When compare to other types of elemental-based disasters, it if the fire damage that is the most traumatic and violent of all. The effects of the fire is really obvious, you can see them in your eyes. The structural damage, the furniture and appliances damage and other kinds of damages are the most obvious ones. However, there are damages that are not too obvious. They are subtle and you should pay attention to them because they are potentially deadly. These effects are harder to recognize, so take note of the following.  

Fire Damage

Health Risks of Soot 

Water and fire restoration process is complicated and consists of many phases. Even after the cleanup and the restoration process, the home is still not completely cleaned because there’s a possibility that there is soot residue that remains. Soot is the tiny particles of the burnt material. These are really small particles that will penetrate into your lungs and bloodstream. You shouldn’t underestimate its effects because inhaling even small amount of it can cause harm on reproduction and even cancer. Do not take this risk; make sure the water damage restoration job is done by professionals to achieve a complete restoration.  

Hidden Structural Damage 

If the property gets on fire, the visible effects it has on the appliances and furniture should be taken care of. Aside from the cleanup and restoration, do not forget the most important thing; the structural integrity of the house. Even if a small portion of the property is affected, have your home checked by professional contractors to see if there are hidden structural damages. The heat could have weaned the foundational and vital spots of the house because of the too much pressure. Anything can cause a total collapse if the structure is not paid attention to.  

Disturbed Asbestos 

Asbestos is the thing that homeowners don’t always consider after fire damage. Asbestos is used in many parts of the house, especially the older ones. It is a naturally occurring fibrous material that will cause the fibers to disperse in the air if disturbed by the fire. This is very dangerous especially when you inhale it. It can cause lung tissues and aggravate respiratory issues. This will lead to crackling sound when you inhale and shortness of breath. Asbestos don’t do this unless it’s disturbed, and fire is powerful enough to do this.  

Mold Growth 

Once the fire is put off by the firemen, the property will be soaked up with water. Mold and mildew are sometimes overlooked especially on fire damage. A lot of water is used during the putting off the fire and those water stays on the property. The water is evaporated because of the fire’s heat and the rest sits on the walls, floors and ceilings. This makes a very perfect opportunity for mold and mildew to grow. They are dangerous because they can cause symptoms like lung irritation and skin irritation. It’s necessary to call a professional because they have a special equipment that can detect mold.  

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